Thursday, March 08, 2007

Apparently We Stupid People in Illinois Don't Know Anything

It'd had been a while since I had one of these...

A Phone Conversation

ME: Hello, WBVN

CRAZY: Hello, is this the one on the radio?

ME: Yes, we’re on the radio.

CRAZY: I wanna make a request.

ME: We don’t usually take requests, but I can try to get your song played.

CRAZY: I wanna hear the one about the train… I don’t know the name of the song or who it’s by, but it’s the one about the train.

ME: Is it a Christian song?

(At this point I thought either he had the wrong station or it was my boss’ friend prank calling.)

CRAZY: Yeah! It’s a country song!

ME: We don’t play country music; this is a Christian station. We play contemporary Christian music here.

CRAZY: But your station is on the radio?

ME: Yes.

CRAZY: On 105.7?

ME: No, we’re 104.5.

CRAZY: Well, why did you answer the phone, then? I wanted 105.7.

ME: Because you called our number.

CRAZY: But you said you were the ones on the radio!

ME: Yes, there is more than one station on the radio.

CRAZY: (starting to get angry) Then why did she… they send me to you?

(I have no idea who “she” or “they” are!)

ME: Well, you called our number.

CRAZY: Can you send me to 105.7?

ME: Sorry, I can’t. We’re not affiliated with any other stations.

(Note: We are affiliated with a station out of Nashville, but that’s for nights and weekends. It makes no difference in this conversation.)

CRAZY: Well then how can I contact 105.7?

ME: You’ll have to call them.

CRAZY: How am I supposed to get their number? Can’t you just transfer me?

ME: No, we’re not a part of that station and they’re not a part of us. You’ll have to look that number up.

CRAZY: Why can’t you just give it to me?

ME: I don’t have their number.

CRAZY: You stupid people in Illinois don’t know anything! (Intelligible grumbling)

ME: Thank you! Bye! (Hang up)

(Turned out it was a crazy man with the wrong number!)



J-Delicious said...

That made me laugh out loud. That's good stuff. "You Illinois people..." That's too funny, but really sad, also. That person didn't really know that you were from KY. So that really speaks bad of the Blew-Grass! Shame on you for reppin' our state like that.

I wonder where the caller was from...

Chase Abner said...

I suspect he was wanting to hear "Long Black Train" by Josh Turner.

Did he pronounce the "s" in Illinois. If so, then he's probably from Kentucky or Indiana. I've noticed that in people.

But don't go ridin' on that long black train.

Bryan said...

That story made my day, thanks for the laugh.

Alisha said...

Jon- Well, I am in Illinois and Crazy said, "You people in Illinois..." I'd never represent the Great State in a bad way if I could help it!

Chase- I don't know if he pronounced the "s" or not. It was all sort of grumbled and jumbled. I can imagine spit was flying out of his mouth when he started his little tirade.

Bryan- You're welcome!