Sunday, March 20, 2011

10 Weeks to Go (or 30 Weeks Preggers)

I guess we can officially start counting down... 10 weeks 'til Baby Girl's due date. The doc says she's little... yet I waddle. She feels humongous and takes up every bit of womb she possibly can. She doesn't kick so much but she's constantly squirming and pushing and it hurts! I bought what I call a belly bra (a pregnancy support belt) to hold up my belly.

I tell ya, the thing is amazing. It's just sorta uncomfortable when sitting down so I usually take it off then. I can tell a huge difference between days I wear it and days I don't. I sure wish I had one of these when Jonas was in there!

Some might say my nesting* has begun. I'm not so sure about that, but I do want to get things ready as soon as possible just because I feel like I very well may be immobile by the end of this pregnancy. (OK, I probably am nesting or trying to, but most of the things I want to do I can't until we get rid of a couch, put together Baby Girl's dresser and get shelves in the garage... I should start a list, but I hate making lists...) Already my left foot has started swelling on occasion and I can barely waddle at the end of the day.

Baby Girl is due May 29, but if she's on the Simon & Jonas track, she should arrive about mid-May. I sure hope she's on the Simon & Jonas track!

*So maybe the day Jonas was born I arranged our junk in the garage and swept it out so we could park a car in there...

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Keli B. said...

i'm hoping for the simon/jonas track too. i can't wait to meet baby girl abner!