Monday, April 30, 2012

Star Wars Bad Guys Birthday


Simon turned four years old this weekend.  Yup, four.  To celebrate he wanted a Star Wars party, but not just a Star Wars party, it had to be a Star Wars Bad Guys party.  If you weren't at the party, maybe with this blog post you can pretend you were. 

Darth Maul and Darth Vader had to be on the invitation, and Darth Maul was a must for the cake, according to Simon.  Above you saw the front of Simon's party invitation (which I designed) with him in the sith robe I made for him.  Next, you'll see the back of that invitation.


Very Star Wars, right?  And now for the centerpiece of it all, the cake and birthday boy:


I guess I could have built up to it and left it for the end, but like Simon, I'm too pumped about the cake (and this awesome boy).  Yes, I made it.  No, it's not fondant, it's something else.  Buttercream plus an edible secret.  I wouldn't say it was difficult to make, but it was time-consuming and got frustrating at points.  But I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome.  I wish I would have added some embellishments around the side, though.

Next, we have the decorations.  I made some garland with Darth Vader, Darth Maul, a storm trooper and Darth Sime.  Each piece had "Star Wars Bad Guys" on the back.  Plus, we had crepe paper going across the room.  And maybe these decorations are still up...

Another highlight was the Star Wars Bad Guys themed food...


Storm Trooper on-the-go Mix (pretzel twists, candy-coated pretzel twists, Chex-like cereal & raisins), a Death Star cheeseball (with crackers, triscuits & pepperoni) and Light Saber pretzel rods (candy-coated)

Here are the special drinks:


Dark Side (Hawaiian) Punch, Jabba Java (coffee) & Join the Dark Side Sweet Tea

 Next up, party favors:


There were storm trooper or Darth Vader rings in each bad guys cup, along with a tattoo, Vader pencil and a handful of candy.  I also made some masks so our guests could tap into their inner bad guy.

Simon's Aunt Laura and (almost uncle) Aaron were pretty convincing here.  And below you'll see a bunch of small-but-awesome bad guys...

 And that's pretty much it.  Everyone came over, we had snacks, sang "Happy Birthday" (when Simon blew out his candle before we finished singing), had cake & ice cream, Simon opened his gifts, all the kids played with his toys and then most of our guests went home.  At one point Simon was standing in the living room looking around and said to himself, "I'm just having so much fun!" I'm so glad he had such a fun birthday party and am so proud of my four-year-old big boy.

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Keli B. said...

this party looks so wicked awesome! i really wish we could have made it. happy 4th birthday sime!!!!