Monday, May 07, 2012

Dangerously Cute

This one is dangerously cute.  Yes, I mean it.  She doesn't quite understand the power of her adorableness yet, but when she does, she will be able to use it to her advantage manipulating everyone around her.

Right there, she was smiling for the camera.  At 11 months, Charlotte smiles for the camera.

Look at that.  She is going to get exactly what she wants.

And this one makes my stomach churn because I can hardly stand the adorableness.

Cute crawling baby.

Adorable baby attitude.

A little sassy and a lot cute.

Right here, she was posing.  Seriously, I could not have posed that if I tried.  But Charlotte knows exactly what to do for the camera.

She's being super silly.  I'm fairly confident I have one of Jonas at that age making the same face...

Those squishy baby cheeks.  I just wanna squish them and squish them and then nibble them a little.

I took these pictures for Charlotte's 1st birthday invitation.  It was super hard to choose one to use, so I used four!  Let's just hope she uses her powers of cuteness for good rather than evil... and that if she does end up using them for evil, that Jonas doesn't join her because we'd have absolutely no hope.  (Simon will end up on Charlotte's side no matter what; she already has him wrapped around her finger.)

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