Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Baby Cages

What does this look like to you?

To me, it looks like baby cages or baby prison cells. Who buys these baby cages? Apparently churches! At least, that's who they're being marketed to. This was from a catalog sent to my church (where I work).

So if you've got a bunch of bad babies, you get the four-cell baby cage, but if you've only got a couple bad babies, you might want this two-cell baby cage:

See that? She's saying, "Bad baby! Bad! I lock you in your cage now!" and the baby is about to cry. Oh, and if you've got really bad babies, you get the hole ("storage drawer" yeah right!):

But if you have good Christian babies, you reward them with special trophies!


Keli said...

funny. and yet, so creepy!

Madly Hatter said...

As you may or may not know, I grew up attending First Baptist Church in Jonesboro, Illinois. What you certainly do not know...FBC Jonesboro has these cages in the nursery and has had them for the a couple decades at least...I can't remember them not being there.

Obviously, this baby cage scheme is nothing new...perhaps it just needs more top-notch investigatory journalism (like the hard-hitting coverage found on this site) to bring the issue to the attention of a clueless public.

aliosh said...

I grew up in a baby cage at Dorrisville, too! They finally got rid of them while I was in college. I think you should get one. ;-)

DaisyC said...

That is seriously messed up.