Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Lucky you! You get two posts from me in one day!

You probably know that I work in a church office. I am officially the office manager, but 99% of the time I'm called the church secretary. Anyway, working in a church office, I see all kinds of junk mail marketing stuff to churches. We get mail wanting our people to attend expensive seminars to learn how to save money; requests from musicians wanting to do a concert at our church; brochures about things to entertain, er, "educate" our youth and/or children about the Bible; and catalogs from companies wanting us to buy any kind of junk with a cross on it.

Today we received a catalog with this on the back:

The best I can make of it is they're trophies for praying. I guess the top three pray-ers in the church get trophies or something.

If you're a really good pray-er and more of your prayers come true than anyone else's, you just might be deemed the prayer champ and get one of these:

What a beaut! But don't feel bad if none of your prayers come true, there are special trophies for prayer participation, see?

Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. Everybody knows that what the top pray-er should get is a crown and a sash with crosses all over them!

Oh, and Jim gets the prayer champ trophy for being the first to tell me I'm eating for two now.

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