Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Little Big Boys

Simon and Jonas are getting to be big boys. Simon can almost dress himself. Jonas can talk in (short) complete sentences and we understand most of what he says. Today I took them both for a walk up and down the street for the first time without a stroller! Of course I put Jonas on the baby leash because he darts and being 30 weeks pregnant I cannot run after him.

Another big boy thing they got to do recently was ride the tricycles they got for Christmas! They had to stay in the driveway (it's pretty big since we're in a duplex that connects at the garage). Both boys insisted on wearing their boots to ride. Jonas can't reach the pedals, but his trike has a handle we can use to push and steer. Simon got the hang of his rather quickly.

This is how Jonas rides

Simon is almost a pro!

I don't think either of them fell completely off their trikes, but Jonas did take some spills on our walk this morning. He wasn't even running or anything, I think he was just so distracted by all the sticks, leaves and flowers that he didn't pay attention to what he was doing. He skinned his knees but was unphased.

My baby big boy's skinned knee

Simon usually doesn't believe me when I tell him Jonas is going to be a big brother, too. He says that Jonas is still a baby. Jonas begs to wear Simon's pull-ups (not that they're that different from a diaper, but Simon can take them off and pretty much get them on himself and he thinks they're for big boys...). I think the thing I'm looking forward to the most about Baby Girl coming (other than just not being pregnant anymore) is more babies holding babies! I think Simon & Jonas will make great big brothers.

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