Saturday, April 02, 2011

8 Weeks to Go... Maybe

At 32 weeks preggers:

Medium maternity pants no longer fall off! (Smalls have been getting a little snug lately). This is good because all the maternity shorts & capris I have are mediums.

My belly is starting to peek out a little of most of my maternity shirts (granted, most have been through the wash a gazillion times already).

Baby Girl feels locked & loaded.

I still crave donuts, Pepsi & ice cream.

I need Tums at least once a day.

Baby Girl simultaneously headbutts me in her exit route while pounding on my bladder with her fist.

My feet are swelling ever so slightly and sometimes it feels like there's some Jello under the skin of my left foot (the same foot the swelled more with both boys).

Baby Girl rubs her head on my belly bra. She doesn't like when I wear it. But wearing that thing is a must if I still want to be able to walk at the end of the day.

I have to take iron supplements for anemia (blek). This also means I eat fiber cereal.

Baby Girl doesn't kick so much but she's constantly pushing, stretching out & rolling around. It hurts. She keeps me from sleeping. Did I mention she pounds my bladder? Yeah, that makes me feel the urge to pee when I don't need to... and keeps me from sleeping.

I've been on a cleaning/organizing spree. So far I've done our mail/office supply area on the kitchen counter, my sewing stuff and the boys' coloring books/stickers/etc. Today Chase is doing the garage, then I can do closets and move bins o' clothes out to the garage on our new storage shelves. Tomorrow we (well, Chase & some recruits after church) move the couch and then we'll put together Baby Girl's dresser (which will double as her changing station) in the living room sometime this week, hopefully. Once that's done, I can wash and put away her clothes! We also just got rid of a bunch of junk. Chase took a load to Goodwill, some to the dumpster and some to recycle.

I've started filling out my cord blood donation paperwork and will do the hospital preregistration forms to drop off this week. I highly encourage cord blood donation! It's just discarded after babies are born but it can be used for so much because it contains stem cells! For example, it can be used in a bone marrow transplant or for research. If enough is donated and gets used for research, there won't be a need to do stem cell research on lab-created then aborted embryos. My doc is all about the cord blood donation and has received the "Golden Placenta" award for it! Hah!

Well, that's enough blogging for now. I've got some stuff to sort through from the garage while Jonas is sleeping and Simon can play outside.

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