Saturday, March 10, 2007

How Sweet!

Chase got me these yesterday! Pretty tulips! He's on his way to New Orleans for a mission trip with 19 students. They'll be doing some hurricane relief work (gutting houses) and maybe some street preaching. It should be exciting for them.

They're taking two 15-passenger vans that they rented, but the drivers have to be 25 or older. Chase and two other guys meet that requirement, but one of the guys will be flying out of New Orleans for a conference in Miami. So, for the way back, neither Chase nor the other driver will get a break. It'll take them about 12 hours each way. Please pray for their safety and that the drivers will be alert on the road.


Keli said...

How sweet and lovely!
I will be praying for the BCM mission trip.

J-Delicious said...

Dude is a pimp. I taught him that.