Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm Not Dead Yet...

I thought I'd give a quick update while I'm sitting here downloading a radio program. No, I'm not dead, but I am (hopefully only temporarily) partially deaf right now. I got pretty sick last week with whatever was going around. Thursday, I went to the clinic and the doc said it wasn't strep and I had no ear infections and I was good to go. Yesterday I could barely hear out of good ol' Left Ear. This morning a bit o fluid with some blood was coming out of Lefty. I figured Eh, I haven't had any head trauma, I'll be okay (even though my ear has been ringing for over 24 hours now). So I asked two mommies that I work with about what it means if your ear is bleeding. They told me it means I need to see a doctor. So clinic visit number two in one week is going to happen on my way home from work. Hooray for another co-pay! And hizzah for not yet meeting my deductible and having to foot the whole bills later! Yippee for having lame health insurance! I think the radio program is about finished downloading now.


Chase Abner said...

Our health insurance is not lame... just all we can afford. Let's be glad we can afford it.

shells said...

I am glad you are still alive! I was wondering where you had disappeared to.
And yes, as a mother, BLOOD FROM EAR= DOCTOR. :)
Hope you feel better soon!