Wednesday, October 04, 2006


After sitting in the waiting area for over an hour yesterday after work, I got to see a nurse practitioner. She told me my eardrum is "perforated." That means either (a) it is easier for me to tear my eardrum off or (b) there is one or more holes in my eardrum. I'm gonna go with (b), although it is probably easier to tear it off now that there is holes in it... At least it's not totally busted. I also got to spend lots of moneys on prescription ear drops and antibiotic pills! Yippee!

Oh, and the best part is I get to go back today and see a real doctor. Apparently the lady I saw wasn't allowed to make referrals and can't clean my crusty perforated eardrum, so since I don't have a family doctor (which I got a bit of 'tude for), I get to go back to a real doctor who will decide if I need to see an ear nose & throat doctor who would be able to clean my ear out if the need be. That happens in less than an hour. (I'm multitasking at work right now).

I guess the acronym for an ear nose & throat doctor is ENT. That's how the lady kept referring to it. I thought she was saying EMT and was confused as to why I would need to see an EMT. Miranda helped clear that up for me, and yes, I'm still partially deaf... what?

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Chase Abner said...

Here's an equation:

(Alisha + Partially deaf) + (Chase[tendency to mumble])^2 = Ill Communication