Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Angry Ear

The real doctor told me that I have an angry ear. Yup, that's the diagnosis. Well, actually, the diagnosis of a perforated eardrum hasn't changed, but I learned that it could just be a tiny slit and not necessarily a hole. Also, right now there is no need to see a specialist. With the antibiotics and drops, the infection should clear up in a day or two and my hearing should return in about a week or so... huh?

I've got a follow-up in two weeks to make sure my angry ear hasn't waged war on my brain or the rest of my body.

1 comment:

J-Delicious said...

Your angry ear just needs to let it all out. You know, vent its frustrations. It is probably mad from having to listen to Chase all the time. HAHAHA!