Saturday, September 16, 2006

Try Not to Bug Out...

My intention isn't to make my blog full of pictures of bugs, but when Chase & I came home from watching The Illusionist, we found this praying mantis on our deck. So, we took some pictures of it. There was this tiny red bug that kept crawling on her and bothering her. We were hoping she would eat it or something, but she didn't. Also, her abdomen was moving a lot, so we thought maybe she'd give birth or lay eggs or whatever mantises do. But she didn't. So we just took some cool and some silly pictures with her.

When we went to see The Illusionist, we mistook it for The Prestige. Both are movies about magicians and are set in approximately the same time period. During the half-hour of commercials/previews, we saw a preview for The Prestige and were like, "Why are they showing a preview for the movie we're seeing?" But then at the end of the preview, I saw that it was a different move that hasn't come out yet. So, while it wasn't the movie we wanted to see, The Illusionist is pretty good. We both liked it.

And now for some silly pictures with the praying mantis:

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