Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Simon was NOT Electocuted or Why I'm Exhausted Today

Small children are exhausting, especially at nap time.  That's right, nap time (you know, a time of rest?) is the most exhausting time of the day if you have small children.  No matter how tired they are, kids will use everything in their arsenal to resist a nap.  Well, at least my kids do.

Baby Charlotte is 17 months old.  She is in transition from two naps to one nap a day.  I liked two naps because her second coincided with Jonas' nap & Simon's sometimes-nap-sometimes-rest time meaning I could nap, too.  On days Charlotte takes one nap, she wakes up about the time the boys go down and things get kinda crazy around here.

Jonas is 3 years old.  He will only willingly stay in bed if I lay next to him until he falls asleep (usually I fall asleep, too).  When Charlotte is awake, I have to go up and down the steps at least three times (most of those days seven times) making Jonas get back in bed before he falls asleep.  I consider this working off the kids' confiscated Halloween chocolates.

Most days 4-year-old Simon is pretty good about staying in bed.  He has to rest on my bed otherwise he and Jonas rile each other up too much and neither will rest.  I have Simon take a few books with him and about half the time he ends up falling asleep. Today I thought he was asleep until I heard screaming...

I was downstairs with Charlotte organizing the bookshelves, unpacking a few framed pictures & knickknacks and hanging our metal "A" on the wall in between the seven trips up and down the stairs attempting to keep Jonas in bed without having to stay in the room with him.  Jonas had finally fallen asleep (I assume) when I heard Simon screaming.  From the way it sounded, I thought he had stuck his finger in an electrical socket and was being electrocuted or maybe he was having a seizure (he has had a seizure before).  So I raced up the stairs (for the eighth time), ran to my bedroom, flung the door open and with the breath that I could muster asked Simon if he was OK.   He was.  He said he was singing.

Yes, I mistook Simon's very loud singing for him being electrocuted.

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