Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Just Another Reason Why I Don't Accomplish Things Around Here...

So I was sitting at the table while Charlotte ate her late lunch and the boys napped in their bunk beds. Jonas had been in bed for a while, already woken up once by Charlotte screaming when she woke up from nap; Simon hadn't been in bed as long but was quiet enough that I assumed he was sleeping. He probably was sleeping or almost asleep when I heard a sudden scream come from their room...

I sprang up from the table, which thoroughly freaked Charlotte out, and ran to their room. I couldn't tell which boy was screaming and crying but from what I heard it sounded bad. I thought maybe Simon fell out of the top bunk, or maybe Jonas was bleeding (this morning we found blood on his sheets presumably from an overnight nosebleed probably caused by him picking his nose & the dry air). When I flung the door open I quickly noticed Simon curled up in a ball in tears on the top bunk. He wailed, "I huuuuurrrt! I HURT!" This woke Jonas up and he joined the fuss fest.

"What's wrong?" I asked Simon thinking he's got stomach pain because of the way he was curled up. I was desperately hoping he didn't puke. I did not want to clean up puke, especially top bunk puke.

"My finger hurts."

"What happened?"

"I bit my finger."

He bit his finger. He bit his own finger. This was what caused all three of my kids to freak out. Simon bit his own finger while lying in bed trying to keep himself from falling asleep.

I doubt I'm going to get much accomplished today.

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