Monday, July 30, 2012

Alisha the Coffee Drinker?

OK, I know you've been waiting for it, my coffee experience, so here it goes...

Chase, the kids and I all went to Barnes & Noble on my birthday because it has a Starbucks and the kids could run around in the kid section.  Chase explained to the barista baristo barista guy that it was my birthday and I was going to give coffee another go since I was now the big 3-0.  Barista guy said I looked like 25 or something (of course) but at least didn't make any comments about me not being old enough to have a bunch of kids.  They discussed what I should have and decided on a marbled caramel macciado (I'm guessing that's what it was and have no idea how to spell it and my spell check doesn't know either or my spelling is just too far off and spell check thinks it should be a "marbled caramel Macedonia.")  Since I'm lactose intolerant they used soy milk but Chase forgot about that when he told them to use (lactosey) whipped cream.  I had thought ahead and had one of my lactase enzyme pills, so all was OK.

We sat at a table and I took a sip.  I must say, I didn't abhor it.  I didn't even hate it.  I didn't throw up (and there was much rejoicing!).  I wouldn't say I liked it, I wouldn't order one again but might try something else.  I mostly walked around Barnes & Noble feeling all awkward holding a coffee and feeling obligated to take the occasional sip, but in the end, I probably drank 1/5 to 1/4 of the too expensive drink.  Chase took a few swigs and claimed he couldn't even taste the coffee in it.  It sure tasted like coffee to me, though.  At least I now know that if I had to drink coffee to save my life, I could, that is, if said coffee includes the fluffy stuff/non coffee drinker coffee.

Chase's Instagram documenting my coffee experience

I think next time I'll try something iced... if there is a next time.

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