Tuesday, August 28, 2012

That Jonas...

Last night Jonas missed bathtime because he was helping Chase order our pretty new appliances.  So he got the nice big tub all to himself this morning while Baby Charz napped and Simon played iPad games.  As I was drying Jonas off, combing his hair, putting his lotion on and helping him get dressed, we heard a bird outside the window and had this sweet conversation...

Jonas:  What that bird doing?
Me:  I don't know.  Maybe he's building a nest.
Jonas:  That a she bird.
Me:  A she bird?  Well, maybe she's building a nest.
Jonas:  I fink she looking for her babies.
Me:  She's looking for her babies?  Maybe she is.
Jonas:  Her babies are in a volcano.
Me:  In a volcano?!?
Jonas:  Yes.  They in a volcano.  And her eggs in a volcano.  She's looking for her babies and eggs.  They in a volcano.

Well, the conversation started out sweet, anyway...

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