Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quite the Eventful Easter

Easter started out quite uneventful. I dressed the boys a little bit nicer than usual and even brushed their hair (which makes it super fluffy).

My fluffy boys

And I just took a couple pictures of them since we're getting our family portraits done on Friday.

Jonas is making almost the same expression as last year's Easter pic of the boys

Simon's learned to smile a little better, though!

We had our church gathering and Easter dinner here and then the boys played with Daddy a bit.

And then right before we were about to start clean-up time and the bedtime routine, Jonas tripped over a cushion on the floor and busted his eye on the rocking chair!

We debated taking him to the ER and consulted a nurse friend. We didn't want to put him through the trauma of the ER if it wasn't necessary. She suggested we take him in case it needs some help healing (he wouldn't stop rubbing it which made it bleed more). After calling around, our neighbor ended up coming over to stay with Simon. Chase took Jonas in while I got Simon ready and in bed, and then I met them at the ER.

Seriously, Jonas was a bloody mess since face injuries bleed so much. Chase had asked if we should clean him up before going in, but I said no because a bloody baby will get treated much faster! You can click here to see the wound and here to see the shirt (which has been trashed). We were only there for a little over an hour. Jonas was so sweet and chatty except when he was being cleaned, restrained and glued (three people held him down while one glued the wound). He got to eat half a popcicle and then we came home.

Jonas is doing just fine now and the glue should just come off when it's ready. This is what he looks like now:

I guess it's only fair that Jonas makes an ER trip the week of Simon's birthday since Simon had one (complete with ambulance ride) the week of Jonas' birthday... Hopefully this won't be a trend!

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