Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Funny Things Simon Has Said

These are some funny things Simon has said recently:

We can ride flamingos!

We can't ride flamingos; they're for babies to ride... and little people.

(Talking about Daddy's shirt) That's just my size! My new size!

(Talking about the baby in my belly) She can play with the food in your belly!

I bounce my head on your belly cuz your belly is like a ball.

(A handyman was installing a new faucet and water leaked out in the process) There's wet in our house, Mommy!

I speak squirrel!

I don't want to reach my hand up my booty! There's poop in there!

I like to see my poop.

I lookin' tough.

I can't feel my eyebrows!!!

Can I feel your mustache, Daddy?


Chelsea Bass said...

This had me cracking up. Next time I need to laugh, I'll revisit this post. Miss you guys and your kids!

Keli B. said...

hilarious! i read them to nella and she laughed too.