Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I had a glimmer of hope. Had. Now the hope is gone, all gone...

Last night Simon pooped in his room. Pooped. In. His. Room. A giant turd and five or so smaller turds. Of course this was about two minutes before clean-up time. I was in the living room with Jonas (who was pretending to pee on the potty) when I realized Simon was being too quiet in his room (again, anyone who has kids knows with the exception of sleep times, quiet = bad). I went in to check and there, in the middle of the room, on his Ikea playmat, was a giant turd. I mean this turd would be big for an adult. It was huge and there was a trail of smaller turds behind it. Simon had poop all over his legs, too.

I herded the boys out of the room, shut the door and got Simon cleaned up. Then I disposed of the turds and then rolled up the mat and stuck it in the garage. At least it fits in the washing machine.

I'm completely giving up on potty training Simon. He can just learn to change his own diapers.


shell said...

dont give up! tommy and hunter didnt train till they were 3.5. they just were not ready. at 3.5, took a few days and there they went! SO depends on the kid. dont be discouraged!!!!

Keli B. said...

potty training is definitely frustrating! it's ok to be upset. but don't be so discouraged that you feel it's hopeless!
i totally understand why you'd rather him be potty trained now instead of later, but it sounds like it'll be later for simon.
even though he says he wants to be a big boy and even though he has control over those bodily functions, he just may actually not be ready to put it all together yet. shelly's right, he may just need some more time and then he'll train faster (and with less poop-on-toys incidents) when he's a bit older.

so sorry you're having such a rough time lately! wish i lived closer. love you, friend!