Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simon's Valentine

Yesterday I took the boys to a Valentine play date. On the way there I asked Simon who he was going to make a valentine for...

For Nella? No
For Daddy? No
For Mommy? No
For Neena? No
For Granny? No
For Papaw? No
For Grandpa? No
For Aunt Cassie? No
For Aunt Manders? No
For Aunt Paige? No
For Aunt Laura? No
For Uncle Nein? No
For Uncle Joel? No
Who are you going to make a valentine for? (No answer)

While we were making the valentine he still wouldn't tell me. As soon as it was finished I asked him who it was for...

For Jonas!

Simon sure loves his brother!


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Hi--thanks for the comment on my post over at Baby Bunching; as a newbie to this stuff, I was a bit nervous!

What cute boys!! Love that he wanted to give a Valentine to his brother. :)