Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Conversation While Swinging

The boys were swinging at the park as Simon asked me what sounds things made (really just wanting me to ask him what sounds things made).

Simon: Wha soun a ow-l make?
Me: What sound does an owl make?
Simon: Hoo! Hoo! Donas, a ow-l say, "Hoo! Hoo!"
Me: Jonas, an owl says, "Hoo! Hoo!"
Jonas: Aaaahhhh!
Me: Simon, you taught Jonas the sound an owl makes!
Simon: Wha soun a beer make?
Me: What sound does a bear make?
Simon: Scratch! Scratch! Wha soun a swowr make?
Me: A what?
Simon: Wha soun a swowr make?
Me: A flower? I don't think flowers make sounds; they just grow and look pretty and smell good.
Simon: Wha soun a tree make?
Me: A tree? Well, their leaves rustle in the wind, so I guess they go "rustle, rustle."
Simon: I slying!
Me: You're flying?
Simon: No, I salling!
Me: Oh, you're falling!

He had scooted down in the swing and thought he was falling.

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Keli B. said...

hahaha! i love the toddlerspeak posts. i should probably start making some of my own!