Sunday, September 05, 2010

Jonas' First Birthday: The Movie

Here it is, the movie all of Jonas' aunts & uncles have been waiting for...


sarah said...

do you make your videos on a mac? so cute!

i literally lol-ed when simon got in the box and stood up (and calvin howled when simon cried when he fell through the box).

i love jonas' cake epiphany when he realizes it's good to eat as well as smash. too fun. :)

Keli B. said...

Nella said, "Hey, Simon is in that box! Oh, wha happen Jonas? Oh, he can't see! That hat is on his eyes!"

Cute video, sorry we missed the party!

Alisha said...

Yes, Sarah, I make 'em on a Mac! If I'm doing something quick with video from my camera phone or the MacBook Pro, I'll just use iMovie; but if I'm using video from our camera, I use Adobe Premiere Pro since iMovie doesn't support our camera's format.

Keli, I'm sorry you missed the party, too! The video would have had double the cuteness with some Billingsley babies!