Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Swim Buddies

Simon and I got to go swimming two days in a row! Well, by swimming I mean I sat in the inflatable pool while Simon splashed and played. Yesterday our friend Ashley came to swim and today Becky and Marley came. I didn't have the camera out while we were in the pool, but I did take some Si and Marley post swim pics:

The boys in their trunks

Marley knows exactly what to do when there's a camera out.

One of Simon's favorite things is climbing under furniture.

Oh, that Marley!

Simon looking all cute (and a little blurry) watching Marley

Whatever Marley was into became instantly appealing to Simon.

And whatever Simon was into became instantly appealing to Marley.

Right now Simon likes to share. Hopefully he still likes sharing when Lil' Brudder comes along... in about a month!

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The Billingsleys said...

Oh, those silly (and adorable!) boys! We'll have two more to join them here in the next several weeks! Crazy!