Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pics from our KY Trips

Finally, what you've been waiting for- pictures (of Simon) from our recent Kentucky trips!

These are from when Simon & I spent almost a week at my parents' house:

Cheezin' at Red Lobster

Petting the angry kitty...

The angry kitty walks away...

Chasing the angry kitty...

Petting the angry kitty again!

The Newport Aquarium (both Simon's and my first time there)


These are from July 4th weekend when we were in Louisville for Chase's cousin Karen Jo's wedding:

Snuggling Aunt Paige

Funkle Joel stuffing Si in a basket... he doesn't seem to mind

Jonathan feeding a baby goat, I mean Simon

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The Billingsleys said...

cute. i love the basket picture!