Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Tick

So this morning I got out of the shower and found a tick on my thigh!  I never had a tick before, and if you haven't had one, I don't recommend it.  It didn't hurt (well, it hurt slightly when Chase was killing it), but it was gross.  I had to have Chase remove it for me because (a) I couldn't really get to it myself, (b) I don't know how to remove ticks, and (c) it grossed me out too much.  Thankfully, my husband saved me from Lyme disease.

In other news, I had my 6 week post baby checkup this morning.  It'll be nice not to have any doctors up in my business for a year, that is unless another R2 comes along before then...  (Hopefully we'll have a bit of a break before that happens, but if it does, it does.)


Shannon Anderson said...

I remember one time when I was little I had been playing outside and I came in to help my mom make chocolate chip cookies. I noticed there was a piece of chocolate on my arm and tried to lick it off. It didn't come off very easily. Upon further inspection. IT WAS A TICK! YUCK! needless to say, I check things out a little better before randomly licking my arm!:)

Nathan said...

hey how did chase kill it? hopefully it was off of you before he did.

Alisha said...

Shannon- Ewwww!

Nathan- First he tried putting alcohol on a cotton ball or something and smothering it out, but that didn't work. So he lit a match, blew it out and touched the hot tip to the tick. That killed it and Chase pulled it out with tweezers.