Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Simon is seven weeks old today. To celebrate, he had a poopsplosion around 6:30 a.m., peed all over around 9:30, quickly followed by more poo and a squirt more pee. We went through two sets of jammies, a onesie and a half day's worth of diapers in three hours. At least we're still using diapers we got from baby showers!

All of that was followed by a photo shoot, some fussing and a walk around the neighborhood.

He's now too big for most of his newborn clothes and is officially in size 0-3 months. Si also gets more extreme with his moods. While he gets fussier when upset, he has also gotten smilier and laughs some. Food time is his favorite time.

Happy 7 weeks Baby Si!


Chase Abner said...

I love you/him.

Dr. Ninja-Pirate said...

there's really not a better week to celebrate being 7 weeks old

Caleb said...

he's changed a lot over the past few weeks. very cool.

J-Delicious said...

You were talking about Simon and not Chase with the poo and pee...right?

He is a good looking nephew.