Monday, April 07, 2008

Wasp Gang: The Sequel

The wasps are back and out to get me... again. Not thinking, I left my windows down when I went home for lunch. When I opened my car door to head back to work, one flew right at me from inside the car! I squealed (of course), then it just sort of hovered around my door. I'm sure it was teasing me because I could almost hear it laughing. Just as I was about to swing my bag at it and run/cry, it flew away. Surely it went to plot revenge or at least report to the rest of the wasp gang. Since there was only one (as far as I could tell), it must have been a spy. The gang of wasps will probably try to eat my baby now that they know I'm pregnant.

Wasps, if you're reading this, you've got less than three weeks for your attack, then you'll have to find someone else to torment because we're moving.


Chelsea Bass said...

I was attacked by a wasp today too! They must have all decided to emerge over night to terrorize Southern Illinois by day.

Shannon Anderson said...

Hey girl... I need your address to send the new baby a gift!!! You can send it to me on facebook or my email.