Monday, January 07, 2008

A New Breed of Gladiator

Keeping with tradition from last year's New Year's party, here's a picture of Chase & JohnRobert from this year's party (posted late, also keeping with tradition from last year):

Speaking of parties, I can't believe there was only one person who wanted to come to our American Gladiators returns to TV party! I would have thought everyone and their mother would be excited about this show, I mean, Chase and I are! With gladiator names like Militia, Wolf, Mayhem, Fury and Hellga (yes Hell-ga) how could you not be excited?

Growing up, Miranda & I used to watch American Gladiators on Saturday afternoons and loved it. We hoped to someday be contenders on the show or at least to play around on The Eliminator. Some friends of ours had the Nintendo game and it was awesome.

If you were too lame to watch this show last night, you have a chance to redeem yourself because it's on NBC again tonight!


Chelsea said...

The picture of little Alisha running around like an American gladiator is too much to handle!

Courtney said...

Alisha...I would have totally drove down to carbondale had I known there were more fans around. I watch the tail end of it last night due to totally forgetting it was on. I used to watch it growing up as well...Thanks Hogan!

shell said...

keith and i were watching and i have not laughed so hard. it seemed so staged compared to years and years ago. and the contendors were HILARIOUS! okay, maybe it was just us.

Alisha said...

I'm glad there are other Gladiator fans out there, too!

Shelley, I wouldn't say it was any more staged than in the past, you're just probably better able to recognize it now. How about that guy who missed his audition 14 years ago? I think he could have mentioned it a few more times!

Keli said...

i watched it last night.
it's not as awesome as i remember.
but, still entertaining. hogan really gets on my nerves!