Monday, January 07, 2008

Stupid Creatures

My friend Chelsea introduced me to the awesomeness that is Stupid Creatures. Basically, you take old socks and make them into stuffed animal monster things. It's awesome. She has this book that tells you how to make them.

So far I've made three, and here they are in all their Stupid Creature glory:

This is the first one I ever made. It's done with old cheerleading socks and a red sock. I turned the white part inside out so it would be fluffier. My mom is a cheerleading coach, and I made it for her.

It only seemed fitting for a Stupid Creature with a purple flame body and pink arms to be a cyclops.

This guy was a little more difficult to make because the ears, arms & legs are scraps of a different material not as stretchy as socks. I'm very satisfied with this one. I think it needs to go to a little girl.

And this is just Cyclops and Pink Paisley being friends.

Chase even started making one, and you should, too!

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Nathan said...

these sock creatures are crazy! they are pretty cool to look at. ive never seen anything like this. i mean my grandmother made me a sock monkey does that count?