Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Baby Is Stronger Than Yours

We had a doctor appointment this morning and Baby R2D2 is measuring just fine! Well, my uterus is, at least, and that's a pretty good sign that he's growing. When the doctor put the device on my belly to hear R2's heart rate, he kicked it. Then he kept squirming, rolling over and just wouldn't hold still long enough for her to count the beats per minute. It took her a while, but she eventually got it. He's a feisty one! And he's awesome.

There are times when I feel like R2 is crouched down and then launches himself straight up using my bladder as a springboard and then punches either side of my belly button. I can occasionally see my belly move where he kicks and punches now, too. Maybe he's just starting his training now to become an American Gladiator.

My next appointment is on Choppy Day. (Click here for the whole Choppy explanation). This appointment is the big sugarbetes test. Not fun. But as long as the blood work comes back negative for gestational sugarbetes, that should be the last time they have to draw blood. Also, I will start going to the doc every two weeks instead of every four weeks. Time is sneaking up on me!

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Chelsea said...

Dang, I've never heard of such an active baby in the womb. It's no wonder his weight was a little on the small side; he never stops moving! I did just get a great little mental picture of and infant gladiator.