Thursday, January 18, 2007

Planning the Third Annual Choppy Party

Well, I'm beginning the planning stage of the Third Annual Abraham Lincoln's Birthday Party. My friend Emily is my cohort this year in planning this party. My former cohort has moved a few hours away making it a bit difficult to do some party planning, but just maybe she'll be able to make it back for the festivities...

Contrary to popular belief, I am not actually obsessed with Abraham Lincoln. It's just that two years ago, I thought it would be fun to have a silly party celebrating his birthday. It was really an excuse to have people over and build a crazy cake (in the shape of a stove pipe hat) and then eat that cake. Then we/I just decided to make it a tradition! (Click here to read about/see pics from last year's party.)

You may have noticed the name of my blog is Choppy Chop and that there is a creepy Abraham Lincoln drawing on my banner. I guess now would be an appropriate time to explain that. (I must warn you, though, it's pretty anticlimactic.) A couple years ago, Chase was watching Jeopardy! on TV. I was walking through the living room and heard Alex Trebec say, "This was Abraham Lincoln's nickname that he got for chopping wood." (Sidenote: Yes, George Washington was the one known for the story about chopping down a cherry tree, but where do you think Lincoln's log cabin came from? Hello, Lincoln Logs! I'm sure he chopped a lot of wood in his day.) I then unexpectedly shouted, "CHOPPY!" Chase laughed so hard that we didn't hear the real answer. Since then, we refer to Abraham Lincoln as Choppy, and the axe he uses to chop wood is the Choppy Chop. I like to draw Choppy all creepy-looking and make clip art of him holding his Choppy Chop. Now you can feel cool because you are part of an inside joke.

I also will often refer to the Abraham Lincoln's Birthday Party as the Choppy Party.
Festivities at said Choppy Party include:

*Pin the Beard on Abe
*Much Fun

So there you have it. The Third Annual Abraham Lincoln's Birthday Party will take place on the afternoon of either Saturday, February 17th or Sunday, February 18th. We're still deciding on a location. If I know you, and you're in the area at that time, you're invited and are welcome to bring a guest. If you are a stranger reading my blog, sorry, but I do not know you and you are not invited. If you are an Internet stalker reading my blog, you are definitely not invited and you should stop being a stalker because it it's creepy and not nice.

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aliosh said...

Thanks for the explanation. Pretty funny pictures. You seem to have the best random theme parties ever. :-)