Sunday, February 12, 2006

Choppy Party!

Ollie made it onto! (His full name is Sir Oliver.)

Now that is out of the way, the second annual Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday Bash was a smash! We had some Abe trivia and a Mary Todd word jumble (because she was crazy).

We played some “Pin the Beard on Abe.”

James could be found reading from the Word on the Street Bible. (Pretty much blasphemous. It was written by a white British guy in the style he would think a black American guy would talk if he lived in the ghetto. Oh, and there are whole verses, chapters, and books left out of it. It’s pretty much a joke.)

And here are the winners of the evening!

We can’t forget the cakes! Abe would be 197 years old today.

Yes, it was much fun. But now I am sort of sick. Boo for the crazy weather and my crazy sinuses!

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