Thursday, February 09, 2006

Beard-e McBearderson

I believe I have lost my appetite. Its nowhere to be found. Its lunchtime, but I am not hungry. When I am hungry, I get full pretty quickly, like uncomfortably full. Maybe my stomach is shrinking... or filling up with drainage. (Pleasant mental picture, I know)

So, the promoters of the In the Name of Jesus Tour (Todd Agnew, Big Daddy Weave, Jason Morant & Nate Sallie) sent us a bunch of CDs by the artists. I figured Id try out the Nate Sallie CD since my boss said I could have one, and we already have Jason Morants album. Ive only listened to the beginning of the first four songs, but Im going to go ahead and call this album pretty lame. The fourth song is okay, I guess, but the first three are way lame. Ive got six more to go, but its sounding like this dude is not my cup o tea. Oh well. If youre a Nate Sallie fan or just want to take a listen to his CD, you can have mine. (Although, if you really were a fan, youd already have this album since it came out in 2003 and is still his latest.)

Something not lame? The Abraham Lincolns Birthday Bash happening this Saturday. Keli and I have our cake design idea and cake making stuff, the trivia is written, and the prizes are bought (but not finished). I just hope the forecasted possible snow storm doesnt happen, that way my sister and her boyfriend (Beard-e McBearderson... I refer to him as such since, as youve hopefully guessed, he has a beard... Its quite rugged-looking) can come up from Murray for the festivities.

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