Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm So Excited, I'm So... Scared?

Well, we've been back home since Saturday evening and I've been back to work for two days now. It's always so strange going back to work after a long break. I don't know what to do with myself! It's nice that this is a two-day work week!

Now I'll update you on the excitement that happened over the break...

Nintendo Wii- One of Chase's students left his Wii at the BCM intending to come back and get it before Christmas, but he got snowed in and said we could borrow it. There's been lots of Wii action at our place lately (and was at our parents' homes since we brought it with us to KY over Christmas).
Here are some favorites:
Wii Sports- bowling (a favorite to play) and boxing (a favorite to watch)
Rayman's Raving Rabbids II- a lot of fun mini games including getting your Rabbid to burp the loudest causing destruction in Paris, eating butterflies, cooking chickens with fire burps from eating peppers, shooting plunger guns and more.
Zelda: Twilight Princess- Chase plays this game whenever he can. He should be conquering it very soon.
Cranium Kabooki- Kyle & Chelsea, our friends who also love Cranium games, brought this one over for our New Year's Party. It was a blast!

New Year's Party- We decided a couple days before New Year's Eve to have a party. Ten adults and a toddler were in our trailer, as opposed to our party last year consisting of Chase, me and our friend John (all of which fell asleep at some point prior to the ball dropping). This year we missed the ball dropping not because we were napping or playing Wii (we paused it), but because we couldn't find what channel showed it for central time! By the time we made it over to Fox (the only station rebroadcasting it on basic cable), it had already dropped. So we went back to Wii and just used a countdown timer during one of the Kabooki games and pretended that was the countdown to 2008.

Baby R2- Since the big ultrasound, Baby R2 has discovered that my bladder is a very fun place to kick. It doesn't hurt, but it feels very strange especially when full. I believe his favorite position is breech (like he's standing up) and he loves to kick my bladder and fire-punch either side of my belly button. He usually only kicks a few times in a row that I can feel, but on Christmas Day something got into him and he just went to town kicking (thankfully not my bladder) for probably over a minute. Chase got to feel it for the first time.

So there ya have it, the excitement of the last week or so of my life.

**Bonus points to whoever knows what the title of this blog is from!**


BryanCombs said...

The blog title is from an old Saved by the Bell episode when Jesse was addicted to caffeine pills.

Alisha said...

+10 points to Bryan!

Chelsea said...

Man, I totally knew that answer! I remember her going nuts and then falling into Zack's arms crying right before her big performance. That was a "serious" one.