Friday, December 28, 2007

We're Having A...

Well, we're having a BOY! As clear as the other ultrasound pictures were, we had no idea what was going on in the between the legs shot. The only reason we knew it was boy parts was that "XY" was typed at the bottom. I had some ladies at church take a look, and they were very sure that the picture was of a boy (one without me telling her first). After them interpreting the picture for me, it's a bit more obvious.

We had a great Christmas and made off with quite a bit of loot! We got some things for Baby R2 and I got plenty of maternity clothes. Chase got some gift cards to his favorite place to shop. Most unique gift we received: Abraham Lincoln bookends from Miranda, who did most of her Christmas shopping at a flea market. We appreciate all of the gifts we received.

Since we're past the halfway point in pregnancy now, we also started a registry at Babies R Us while we were in town at my parents' because we don't have one close to where we live. Picking out a crib, bedding, stroller, and all kinds of other stuff seemed super overwhelming at first, but we got through picking out the big stuff. We also decided to go mostly with an animal/jungle/rainforest type of theme with our decor and whatnot. Thankfully, my parents have decided that they will purchase our crib and bedding for us. We'll do some more registering at Target sometime after we get back home.

We're totally pumped to be having a son. I can hardly wait to dress him in clothes that make him look like a tiny man! (My aunt got us the shirt pictured above and I love it!)


Keli said...

yay! can't wait for baby boy abner.
i checked out your registry, that bedding is way cute!

Courtney said...

I will have to admit that I am super excited that you are having a boy!! Congratulations!!