Saturday, November 04, 2006

Oh, the Excitement!

I've had an exciting past few days.

Thursday: Keli and I smelled the KISS perfume/cologne at Dillard's. A lady sprayed the women's perfume on a paper for us to smell, but no one was at the men's fragrance counter. So Keli found a paper, I reached over the counter and grabbed the tester, and Keli sprayed it on the paper. Then I put the fragrance back. Then Keli said, "Agh! I feel like I just put my hand in an ash tray!"

Friday: I played Full House the board game at BCM game night. Yes, it exists, but no, I did not win. Here is a picture of me playing the game:

And here is Keli with a "full house."

Saturday: I picked up a hitchhiker at Walmart. I'm sure people will tell me I shouldn't have done this and that she could have been a serial killer or something, but I was willing to take that risk. She looked young and looked pretty harmless and had a few bags of groceries. Turns out she's 19 and was in town for a few weeks a Rainbow Gathering that had happened. We had some cool conversation and I dropped her off at her friend's place.

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