Monday, November 13, 2006

Moldy Jack

As you can see, my pumpkin is pretty moldy. Maybe one of these days we'll throw it out. Last year Chase and I let the pumpkin get to the point to where it just about fell apart when he picked it up. We actually made a short movie about that pumpkin... Well, we haven't actually edited the movie, but we did shoot it. Maybe someday it'll be premiered on YouTube.

I guess I haven't really updated in a little while because nothing particularly update-worthy has been going on. I've mostly been in my regular weekday routine.

Oh, here's something: I contributed to a paint-by-numbers in the bathroom of an art gallery. Saturday, I went to Paducah, KY with Keli. She had to go to a gallery to do a paper about a photography exhibit. While we were at one gallery, the artist told us to visit this other gallery where you can contribute to a paint-by-numbers in the bathroom, so of course we did.

After doing some bathroom art (that just doesn't sound right...), we went to the mall and ate at Pasta House. I also purchased Christmas present number one. One down, and I'm not sure how many to go!

I don't think I have anything else to type about, so here are some more moldy pumpkin pictures for your enjoyment!


Keli said...

it looks like he has a tongue!

i've seen lots of other rotting pumpkins around town. pretty soon c-dale will just start smelling like squishy pumpkins. and we all know that only 1 thing smells worse than squishy pumpkins, and that is squishy pilgrims. and we all know that only 1 thing smells worse than squishy pilgrims, and that is squishy christmas trees. good thing we have a few weeks before that!

Alisha said...

Considering the squishy pilgrims would be a few hundred years old, I would venture to guess they'd smell worse than the squishy Christmas trees...