Friday, October 27, 2006

Civic Duty

I feel that it's my civic duty to inform you all that KISS, yes, the band KISS, now has a fragrance line.

Of course, I wanted to find out more about this, so I turned to the interwebnet and found out that there's a promotional tour for their fragrance!

To launch the new KISS Fragrance Line, Gemini Cosmetics has organized a number of exciting promotions in the South East Region of the US at Dillards, Belks and Parisians stores. The promotions in this region include face painting, name that mask contests, tattoo events, free KISS air fresheners, that winning KISS contest, win a t-shirt and several others. Some events will have live radio call ins and DJs will live music.

I mean, not only are they doing face painting (I'm assuming like the band's stage make-up), but they're also giving out free KISS air fresheners! Who wouldn't want one of those?

Now, the band isn't actually touring with this, but I did find out that Gene Simmons is making some appearances. If it was coming closer to where I live, you'd better believe I'd be there along with my friend Keli. I think the crowd alone would be worth it!

On another KISS-related note, Keli and I have decided that once we have four children between us, we're dressing them up as KISS for Halloween.

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Chase Abner said...

I can only imagine what a KISS fragrant would smell like. I think it would be a combination of the following:

Grease paint
Fake blood
Smoke from fog machines
Smoke from hazy nightclub cigarettes
Booze... can't forget the booze
Musty spandex

... and the eerie smell of a life wasted on excess.