Friday, October 13, 2006

Multitasking Isn't Always a Good Idea

So this lady just called the radio station a little bit ago. She was asking about a song that had played. I went back and looked it up for her, but as I was telling her the info she said to hold on because she was driving and couldn’t write it down…

Ummmm…. Lady? When you picked up the phone (as you were driving) to call the station (as you were driving) with the intention to write down the song info (as you were driving) did you not realize that you were driving at the time and would not be able to, um, drive, talk on the phone, write stuff down and not wreck?

She said that she really didn’t want to pull over to write it down, but she did anyway. I think it was only after she tried to write and talk on the phone and drive at the same time but realized it wasn’t gonna happen.

Unrelated side note: I just saw a mouse scurry under my other desk in my office.

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Jeol and AThom-Bomb said...

I know I am commenting late on this Alisha...this is Alex by the way. But I too have experienced the strange world of radio listeners. I have had to repeat the weather to a woman who didnt hear it but wouldnt wait to the top of the hour to hear me do it again. I have a man who calls himself the Comanchee and has a sidekick Swamprat that makes sure that I know he is 50 and in a wheelchair each of the 4 times he calls a day. And my all time favorite was the woman who said that the radio station number was in fact her brothers that I was just tricking her. Oh geez!