Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dump in a Stump

Warning: This Entry Involves Poop!

Back in September when Chase and I were in Gatlinburg with his family, we went up this mountain to the highest point on Tennessee. We rode in the car most of the way and then made a small trek on a paved path to an observation tower. I guess I wasn’t paying as much attention on the way up, but on the way back down I noticed pieces of conversations as we were passing people on their way up. One conversation in particular involved a dump in a stump…

This middle-aged couple was huffing and puffing on their way up the mountain when they came to this somewhat hollow stump. The man told the lady that the stump didn’t look like it had any bugs crawling on it and she could sit there and rest. Her response: “I don’t care what’s on it as long as nobody took a dump in it!”

My question: What made her think that someone would take a dump in that stump?

Now I can’t think of or hear the “My Hump” song without changing the lyrics to “My Dump.”


pizzleanddizzle said...

Making it the most bizarre is the fact that the statement was made by a middle-aged woman. If the statement had been made by a nine-year-old boy, no one would question the train of thought behind the comment, you know? (At least I wouldn't. I have three younger brothers, who for a period of many years, were obsessed with "ripping one," "dropping bombs," etc.)

Why is Chudy anti-internet this week? Tell him I think he's half-stepping if he's still using web-based email service!

Love you guys! Hope your ear is better!

J-Delicious said...

I would take a dump in a stump, especially if I thought that lady would sit on it with her rump. I feel like Dr. Seuss.