Friday, February 01, 2013

Just Some Cute Kid Videos

Having gone back and read my last few posts, I noticed that I've been quite the downer!  But of course, dealing with The Sick hitting all five members of this household and the things that go along with said Sick will bring just about anyone down.  The kids didn't leave the house for a week and a half and I left the house once in that time.  We were all going a little crazy.  So today I have a couple fun videos of my kiddos to share.

Alright, my kids love to play dress-up.  They dress up as superheroes, knights, Ninja Turtles, pirates, secret agent guys, bad guys, police officers, magicians, and many other things.  My kids don't just dress up as these characters; they totally get into it and become the character.  Anyway, today Jonas decided he wanted to be a Ghostbuster.  So here is a video of Jonas as Dr. Peter Venkman:

Of course Simon had to jump in, too.  This next video is from a few weeks ago before The Sick.  The kids were playing with Play-Doh and Charzie kept saying she was making applesauce.  She's a cute one, she is...

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