Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Should Rename My Blog "The Poop Chronicles"

Our upstairs bathroom has been smelling like poop, and not just after someone does their business.  It's smelled like a deuce for days now.  After the middle-of-the-night-top-bunk puke the other night, I had left Simon's jammie pants in the bathroom.  I thought, maybe I'm confusing the poop & puke smells.  Those have been laundered and the bathroom still reeked.  I cleaned the potty seat thinking, maybe during Jonas' "ballerina" episode the Spiderman potty got some splash-back.  Nope.  Cleaned it.  Bathroom still smelled nasty.

Chase pointed out it seemed to be coming from the sink.  I went in search of a turd.  Could one be hidden in our bathroom?  I mean, my boys have been consistently pooping in the potty, but who knows what goes through their minds?  I was just about ready to check for an upper-decker when it hit me: We had babysitters on Monday and one of the girls said she had changed a post-nap Charzie poop diaper.  The diaper must be in the bathroom trash next to the sink!

Mystery solved!  Hooray!  I really needed a win after the sick hit our house.  Simon seems to be better, but poor Charzie had it out both ends today.  With the way Jonas has been acting, I'm pretty sure he's next... or it could just be he refused to nap today.

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