Thursday, October 04, 2012

Our September: Goings on & a Photo Dump

It's been, what, a month or so since I've last blogged?  Seems about right.  Lots has happened this past month!  Ready for a photo-dump?

Chase turned 31 and I made hims some pretty delicious peanutbutter chocolate cake bombs.  Next time I'll use a little more chocolate and a little less peanutbutter to make them more fantastic.
Chase, the boys & cake
The in-laws visited and we discovered the ridiculous awesomeness that is Scheels. (Read this in Stefon's voice) This store has everything: an indoor ferris wheel, sporting equipment, taxidermy, crossbows, aquarium, arcade games, photo ops, children's play area, animatronic presidents and delicious mint chocolate fudge...

Simon with Granny & Jonas with Papaw on the Sheels ferris wheel.
Granny & Papaw with the kiddos on our porch swing
My in-laws also went with us for the kids' first trip to Chuck E. Cheese's.  Let's just say next time we'll just eat at home and go for the games.

Charzie with Chuck E.
 Some friends stopped by to visit & see the new house and we lined our kids up to take their pictures as we do whenever we get together.

Ezra, Silas, Nella, Charlotte, Jonas & Simon
I took the kids to the State Museum where there is a children's play museum all for free!

Simon posing in front of the giant mammoth/mastodon puzzle he did himself
We got new kitchen appliances and have been searching for artwork, curtains & area rugs for our house.  Eventually there will be before & after posts, but no room is quite finished yet to post an after.

I won tickets from a local radio station to go see The Smashing Pumpkins in concert in a couple weeks!!!

And then there was the Disney World trip with my parents.  This trip was exhausting and fun.  Some Disney trip highlights: Simon looking teeny tiny riding big rides, Charlotte dressing up in her Cinderella to parade around Magic Kingdom (and lady even took her picture to show her daughter-in-law what 16-months-old at Disney looks like), Jonas getting to spend almost a whole week with his grandpa, dessert with almost every meal, Charlotte exclaiming "Mouse!" whenever she noticed a Mickey Mouse anything, Simon & Jonas getting a pirate makeover and just having the fun Disney experience with my parents & kids while my kids are still little.  My mom should be a Disney vacation guide. 

Some Disney World low points: Jonas freaking out for every single ride (I mean every. single. ride.) because it wasn't his turn to get on yet, the stroller parking nazis and cheapo toilet paper (c'mon, Disney!)

Like I said, it was exhausting but fun.  Here are some pictures from our trip:

Cinderella got to meet Charzie
Me on the spinning tea cups
Simon riding Thunder Mountain with my dad
Chase & Jonas on Toy Story Mania
Peter Pan told the boys not to be pirates...
...but they were too creepy cute not to be pirates!
Jonas with his arms up on the Peoplemover (not a roller coaster)
Charzie with her arms up like her brother
Jonas checking out gorillas with his daddy at Animal Kingdom
Charzie snackin' with Neena on the bus
And the boys with Minnie & Mickey, of course!
And we have many, many, many, many (you get the point) more pictures.

So that was September.  Now it's October.  Maybe I'll give you another update in a month!

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