Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Today, while my kids and I were video chatting with a friend and her kids, Jonas pooped on the bathroom floor.

Today, while I was getting lunch ready for the kids, Jonas pushed Simon down and was stepping & stomping on him.  For a little while I thought Jonas might have broken Simon's arm*.

Today Simon fell asleep for his rest late and Jonas & Charlotte got up early so I got very little down time.

Today I dealt with approximately 6 major meltdowns among my 3 kids all before 1:00 PM.

But TODAY we are under contract to buy a house!  Assuming all goes well with inspections and such, we should be home owners by mid-August.  And this house has beautiful hardwood floors everywhere (minus linoleum in the kitchen & 1/2 bath and tile in the full bath) as opposed to the wall-to-wall-to-wall carpet (including the bathrooms, yuk!) of our current (rented) dwelling, so when one of my kids pees or poops on the floor, it's a much easier and more sanitary cleanup.

*Note:  Simon is a sensitive lad and it's often difficult to tell if he's actually hurt or just overreacting.  While I'm sure it did hurt when Jonas attacked him, I'm also sure that Simon was overreacting and has nothing wrong with his arm.

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sarah said...

you are awesome, partly because you are still sane enough today to type that blog. just know that. ;)

congrats on the house! we have some hardwood floors and we love them. very easy cleanup!