Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A Jonas Photoshoot

Because of our anticipated move next month, Jonas is not going to get a big birthday party like Simon and Charlotte.  But we will do something special.  His birthday falls during the state fair, so we're hoping both sets of grandparents can come up and go to the fair with us (and see our new house!).  He absolutely loves the idea of riding rides with his grandpas.  He is such a grandpa's boy.  It doesn't really matter which of his grandpas he has, he just wants one of the three.

But anyway, the state fair birthday "party."  I figure we can get the boys arm bands for unlimited rides, get some extra tickets for adults to ride with them and let Charlotte ride a few.  And in lieu of an exciting birthday cake, I'll probably just cut out some super hero graphics, attach them to toothpicks and stick them in a funnel cake along with our #3 candle and voil√†: an appropriate state fair birthday cake!

Since we won't be having a party, that means I won't be sending out invitations with Jonas' picture incorporated into the party theme.  So I decided to do a little Jonas photo shoot this morning to have some updated pictures to send out to family.  While on vacation in Kentucky, Chase & I picked up this coon skin cap for Jonas, and he looks stinkin' adorable in it.  He looks cute* in any hat, really.  And the cap inspired me to cut one of his gazillion pair of jeans into jorts.  Of course, to top off the nature boy look, Jonas is shirtless.

So now, for your enjoyment, Jonas' special nature boy photo shoot from this morning:

*Jonas doesn't like it when I say he's "cute."  He prefers to be called "tall" instead.

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sarah said...

the last line has me cracking up! tall! he is, indeed, cute. :)