Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Progress and Some Other Stuff

My 39 week appointment yesterday was a bit disappointing as my baby exit has made no progress from week 38. But the good news is that if Baby Girl hasn't arrived by 5:00 am Sunday she's being forced out! Yippee!

I thought that since this is my 3rd baby people would have stopped telling me how to get the baby to come out by now... nope. How about I just tell you how to get a baby to come out, mmmkay? Go for a walk, go yard sale-ing, eat something spicy, do something "spicy" (wink wink), pump some milk, listen to '90s alternative rock, go off-roading, do 20 jumping jacks then spin in a circle counterclockwise 3 times while humming I'm a Little Teapot, kiss a frog, rub a pineapple on your left leg, punch a dude in the face, sit outside during a thunderstorm, or just have your doc give you labor-inducing drugs!

Enough of that, so Simon pooped on the potty again! He's great at peeing in the potty if he's half naked (except that time he decided to pee on the wall and that other time he just peed on the floor for fun). It's been a while since he had pooped on the potty (he prefers to poop his pull-ups), but now he has the promise of going to see Cars 2 in the theater if he keeps it up. He's pretty pumped about that. You know what else he's pumped about? Grilled cheese sandwiches. I think it's his new favorite food.

Jonas is getting potty-obsessed. Well, actually it's more like being obsessed with being nakey. He's peed on the potty a couple times and will tell us "Pee pee potty! Pee pee POTTY!" so that we'll take his diaper off. Then he runs to the potty, stands there for half a second and then proceeds to run around the house naked. He's a manipulative chap, he is.

Speaking of Jonas, he is currently telling me, "I poot! I poot!" which means I need to change his diaper...

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sarah said...

my friend was induced at 37 weeks at the end of april and she said it went perfectly. she and the baby are both healthy and fine and she only had to push for 15 minutes. (not that the pushing for 15 minutes is typical, but we can all dream, right?)

she and i were talking about it yesterday because she said you always hear that induction is so much worse, but she said it was fine. it was her first so she doesn't have anything to compare it to, but she seemed completely happy with the whole process. just for a bit of encouragement - if i were in your shoes, i'd do the same thing. :)