Tuesday, May 03, 2011

4 Weeks to Go (or 36 Weeks Preggers)

It seems kinda weird to me to just tell people how much I've progressed in the whole baby-coming-out process other than when the doc says, "anytime now..." I mean, basically, when I say, "I've dilated to such-and-such centimeters," I'm saying, "This is how wide my lady business has opened!" But when you're pregnant, people (well, other women) are generally excited or at least curious to know these things...

So, Internet, as of this afternoon, I am at 1 cm.

At this point with my previous pregnancies, I was already at least to 2 cm and was told to take it easy since a pregnancy is considered "full-term" at 37 weeks. So this is a bit of a relief because there are some things I'd like to do that involve going out and about this week.

Also, I haven't gained any weight since my last check-up two weeks ago. I find that hard to believe with all the cake and junk food I've been eating, but then again, not much fits in my stomach anymore...

Which brings me to this: people keep asking me how I've stayed so thin this pregnancy. I don't think I've really stayed that thin and my doc says I'm doing good with weight gain, but I guess I can share my pseudo-secret anyway...
1. Have terrible heartburn/reflux the entire pregnancy. This will keep you from wanting to eat to begin with.
2. Have at least 2 small children in your house at all times. This will force you to exercise and you'll get both cardio from chasing them around to keep them out of stuff and strength-building from lifting them into their carseats/boosters/high chairs and off of tables.
3. Be lactose intolerant and/or develop food aversions. Although I'm not as picky as I once was, I'm still a bit of a picky eater. Add being lactose intolerant on top of that plus random food aversions (eggs, sometimes bacon, peanuts, occasionally other foods), and my food choices are limited. Of course, I do crave Pepsi, cookies & donuts, but with the terrible heartburn, I can't have much of those things anyway.

So there ya go, a pregnancy update. I'm really hoping Baby Girl makes her appearance in a week or so. When do you think she'll come?

Oh, and the picture with this post is from a family photo shoot the awesome KellyBeth Konieczka did for us this past Friday.


Miranda said...

Tuesday would be great! I mean, what could better than becoming a Captain and Doctor and my first niece being born on the same day?

Then you should name her after me :)

Shannon Leigh Anderson said...

You look beautiful!!!

Keli B. said...

i'm getting excited! i'm planning my next trip to so. ill. based on baby girl abner's arrival!