Thursday, May 12, 2011

2.5 Weeks to Go (And Some Other Stuff)

My weekly invasive checkup the other day proved no progress from 36 to 37 weeks. I'm disappointed. We're ready for Baby Girl to come out! Jonas goes to her bed set up in our room several times a day and says, "Nap! Bebe nap!" He also goes to her car seat (also in our room) and says, "Bebe ride-it!" Simon is excited for our friends to come take care of him when we go to the hospital. He talks about that a lot. I'm ready to just not be pregnant anymore!

Last weekend we took the boys to Big Truck Night at the mall parking lot. There were lots of kids climbing in and on big rigs, cement trucks, a fire truck, an ambulance and more. Plus, there was a llama. (Yes, like you when I think Big Truck Night, I think llama.)

The boys on a cement mixer

The last two days it got pretty hot out, so I busted out the sprinkler for some easy outdoor entertainment.

Yes, Simon kept drinking the water.

And can you guess what this is?

No, we did not get a pet; it's the hair I cut off the boys. It was summer haircut time. Simon's hair is so thick he gets so much more sweaty when it's long. I had to cut Jonas' hair to keep myself from putting it in a ponytail!

Simon's summer hair

Jonas' summer hair

I wanted to leave their hair a little longer on top, but they wouldn't hold still long enough. Their curls will come back soon, though.

Hopefully the next time I post something it'll be pictures of our baby girl!

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