Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rough Night

Since I was exhausted I went to bed just after 9:30 last night... Jonas woke up at 10, spent a short time in bed with us wiggling around not sleeping and then he went back to his bed about 11... Simon woke up at midnight with a fever of 102.7.

Thankfully Simon wasn't upset, but he was kinda loopy. He was soooo silly and just saying all sorts of funny things. He kept talking about Neena & Grampa and Granny & Papaw and Aunt Cassie. Then he'd list all the characters from Dora the Explorer. After some medicine, an attempt at a coolish bath and an attempt with a cool washcloth (he didn't like those things) his temperature went down to 101.4 and then 100.4 and he went to bed with us around 2:00 AM snuggling his sippy.

The boys woke up about 6:15 this morning in good moods. Simon's temperature was still 100.4, but after some more medicine, breakfast and some Mickey Mouse on TV it's down to 99.0.

I'm hoping we can all take a nice nap this afternoon!

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Dr. Ninja-Pirate said...

So what's causing this fever?